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Service being the dominating passion of our life, every individual sitting on our dental chair is

considered a family. Nothing will stop us in providing the best of our abilities along with our expertise knowledge to provide the ultimate best to everyone with exceptional infection control standards maintaining high quality of care.


We will strive to be amongst the leading healthcare centers in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Emirates),

through the implementation of quality practices in all our facilities.


To reach all ages of the community including special needs and elderly, raise oral health awareness;

address the dental chief complaint of each individual, guaranteed with a beautiful smile.

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wa m

I swear to God, Dr. Rami Alami - I advise anyone to go to Dr. Rami without thinking of a summit of respect and sophistication - he is very smart and does not feel any pain and he explains and understands your condition with the utmost craftsmanship

Mish Kish

A high-end clinic, and special thanks to Dr. Rami Aid and a light hand 👍

Abdullah AlShamsi

The best dental clinic

Abdulrab AlThaibani

An excellent clinic and the speed of completion of the patient in the stages of treatment. Doctors of all specialties are available for dental treatment. I advise everyone to review the clinic to follow up on treatment. For information, the clinic is very clean and has a number of branches

Louloubella Mozzarella

My friend recommended Tabrizi after I needed emergency dental work. The reason I needed the treatment was because I have a fear of dentists and had left my problem for far too long. I have panic attacks and wish to be asleep for everything. However, Prof.Hakan Akincibay & Dr Raed Noureddine have completely changed my life around, I have had numerous visits now, to repair my teeth and give me back my smile. I do not need sedation at all, I have never experienced any pain and I am made to feel relaxed, even laugh. The whole team in this amazing Dentistry are beyond supportive, kind and helpful. I highly recommend this wonderful place to everyone, especially nervous patients. I am cured and the happiest I've ever been. Thankyou Tabrizi

Mouza AlMezaini

A wonderful doctor who is useful for veiled women. Their treatment is sweet and wonderful. The service is five stars. A clinic that works for everyone. I advise everyone to try it with them Adamani

Tariq Salam

I got treated by Dr Mitushi Mittal for gum bleeding. She is extremely thorough and does her work with clinical precision. Keep up the good work.

Hina ali

V good experience with dr mitushi mittal she is best for kids the bond between kids n doctor amazing Highly recommended for all mums

Majed Ali

Dr. Ozji is wonderful and understands her work, and Dr. Zainab has a very light hand, the lightest hand at the level of the Emirates

Naser R Arani

It is very nice Dental clinic with so much Experience .

Sudheer Goud

Hi, It's good experience, friendly staff, well experienced doctors, especially -Dr.Mitushi Mittal. Very knowledgeable, soft spoken. I will refer to my near & dear.

Vaneet Lobo

Dr Zena is amazing! She will constantly check up on you if you feel any discomfort. She will make the procedure completely painless. I went in for ceramic cavity filling covered under insurance, did it for upper and lower jaw teeth (for 2 sets of cavity in between teeth) and paid around AED 210 as 20% co-pay per my insurance policy. This amount can vary based on the severity of your diagnosis. I'd say the price I paid is above average, but the process is well handled and mainly it's "PAIN-FREE", so I'm content. I've been in Al Ain my whole life, quite surprised I never stumbled upon this amazing Dentistry! Definitely recommended! 👌🏻

Raman B

Excellent dental clinic. I was treated by Dr. Mitushi and Dr. Raed. Under their experienced care I could save not only my original tooth but had the experience of pain free treatment. Many thanks to Tabrizi for very good treatment and followup care.

Luiz C Pires Amorim

Great service!

Rachida Gue

Best experience with dr Lamiss. Highly recommended.


One of the best dental clinics i visit, specially DR.ZEENA She did everything smooth and easy. No phobia of dentists after today

Evan S

Professional services delivered by Dr Andulrahman with the highest ethical standards. I am delighted to vouch for Dr Tabrizi's valued team.

Sameerah Recongco

Best experience with the dentist ever! Highly recommended....

Obaid Alketbi

The one who did not have a treatment with Doctor Zena lost half of his life , her hand are soft on patients and she is frankly excellent....

Teacher Doaa

Best dental clinic in the UAE. Very professional staff and a friendly manager. Hygiene is well taken care of and appointments are followed up on....

Elena Vladova -Noora

The best dental clinic with amazing specialists and manager.They did all posible to save 3 of my teeth,when in all another clinics doctors ....

Doaa Skaik

(Translated by Google) Dr. Sama is very professional in her work and does not care about raising money as much as it concerns the patient's ....

Testimonial #1 Designation

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Anis Adnan

I’ve been avoiding seeing dentist my entire life. but my appointment with both dr. Ayah and dr. Hakan was far beyond my expectations. they are both very good in what they are doing. I highly recommend them. the staffs also very welcoming and friendly. I have no single complaint for this dental clinic.

Figen Cevik

I was very impressed by the care and patience of my doctor Ms. Özge during the treatment process. She not only did her job perfectly, but also made a difference with the special attention she gave to her patients. Many thanks to her, I recommend her with peace of mind.

ala'a elbadawi

I can't say enough good things about Tabrizi Dentistry. The staff is friendly, the clinic is spotless, and Dr. Hakan, and dr. Auzgi are true experts. I've had great results and highly recommend them for top-notch dental care!

Edlyne Jn Baptiste

My son ( who is 13yrs old) sees Dr. Abdul Akamai for teeth alignment ( braces). He explains each procedure during each visit and is very patience with his patient. I would highly recommended him for all brave procedures and services.

Winton Snyman

What an amazing clinic! The staff is extremely welcoming and make you feel at ease. The Dr was expectional. One of the best visits I have ever had at the Dentist.

Elijah Samuel Dulalia

Friendly and accomodating staff, tidy clinic.Very satisfied of her job with expert Dra. Basima. Happy to bite and smile.

Amani Ahmed

The best Dentistry ever ,, very good job Excellent job for Dr.Mitsushi ,, the best specialist Orthodontics Very nice result after braces Thanks a lot

Yanina Yasyk

very friendly staff at the reception. The doctor Rami is very attentive to children, which makes the dental examination very easy.

Samjela Wadingha

I want to thank the doctor Basima who did the tooth removal.she is Indeed experienced and know how to deal with kids of all types.

Sudheer Goud

Hi, It's good experience, friendly staff, well experienced doctors, especially -Dr.Mitushi Mittal. Very knowledgeable, soft spoken. I will refer to my near & dear.

Kimberly Recongco

Hi, It's good experience, friendly staff, well experienced doctors, especially -Dr.Mitushi Mittal. Very knowledgeable, soft spoken. I will refer to my near & dear.

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